Thursday, November 24, 2011

A New Rider In Kamen Rider Fourze: Kamen Rider Meteor

Here's the info about the new rider

also more info coming in soon

Friday, October 14, 2011


The newest kamen rider on television is FOURZE.
his design are based on astronauts.He's also a high school student named Kisaragi Gentarou.
His dream were to make friends with everybody in the Amanogawa High School.
He befriended Jojima Yuuki,whom his childhood best friend.He also meets with Utahoshi Kengo,who is the child of a spaceman who died in an explosion at the Moon.
His father also created Fourze astro switches which have behold the space powers with the help of Cosmic energy.
Well,that's all that i know already...
Bios,facts and many more will come soon

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Ryuki:Mirror Warriors & Avengers

Kamen Rider Ryuki:Mirror Warrios

Just like you heard Kamen Rider Ryuki Or in The US they called them Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.Kido Shinji,an intern reporter at the ORE Journal.He was Abducted into the Mirror World and almost get killed by the powerful dragon,Dragredder.In the nick of time,Haguro Ren a.k.a Kamen Rider Knight saves him.He then befriend with Shinji.Turns out Ren works at a café.Shinji visits there often to talk about the Rider War.Shinji also meet Kanzaki Yui,a mysterious girl who works with Ren.Her brother is the creator of the advent decks.He is also the creator of the Rider War.He invented the Rider War to save her sister,Yui, from disappearing(I guess).So,he invented the Rider War and Mirror World.There are 13 Riders created within the Advent Decks.
Shinji fight as Kamen Rider Ryuki which represents a dragon.Knight represents a bat.and the rest are whether mythical creatures or beast.He and Ren fight side to side and save each other ass..hahaha.After they both fought the other riders,Shinji was also defeated making Ren and Kanzaki the last Rider….They fought with each other fiercely and Kanzaki was defeated by the memories of his sister,Yui Kanzaki,and making Ren the Last Rider.After all riders have been defeated,Shinji and Ren have been given a new chance at life and have no memory of being a Rider at all.              THE END

The Others bios will comin in soon
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